K-Bar Dairy 
                 Selling you Fresh, Raw, All-Natural Grass-Fed Jersey Cow's Milk! 

Hello & Welcome to our Dairy!! 


               Hello!! Welcome to the K-Bar Dairy page!! We're so glad you stopped by!

We are a family-owned & family-operated Jersey cow dairy. Located in beautiful Paradise, Texas. We're about 40 miles north-west of Fort Worth, Texas.

We sell Fresh, Raw Jersey Cow's Milk to the public. We feed our cows a good quality alfalfa, which gives our milk a richer taste. We sale our milk with 'Cream on the Top' which means you'll need to shake the milk before you drink it! We also sale grass-fed pork, beef & lamb.  They are raised here at the dairy farm and then taken to Muenster to be processed. 

Don't hesitate to call us or come & see us at the barn, we'll answer all of your questions or we'll help you find the answers!

Our milk is a 'full-fat' product, which means you get to enjoy all of the benefits from drinking it!  Jeff & I are also members of the Westin A. Price Foundation. We also have pamphlets from the WAP Foundation for you to read and then to pass along to your friends and family.  We're glad you stopped by, and we hope to see you all soon at the barn!!                          Texas State Health Permit #481248