K-Bar Dairy 
                 Selling you Fresh, Raw, All-Natural Grass-Fed Jersey Cow's Milk! 

  A little about us....

Jeff & I have been milking cows for quite a while! Both sets of Jeff's grandparents were dairy farmers, back in the day. The Lambert's started milking cows in 1902. They started milking south of Decatur in a small flat barn. The Lester's, Jeff's maternal grandparents, milked cows in Azle, which is just south of Decatur about 20 miles. Both of his parents grew up in the barn, and learning to do the daily chores along the way. They raised four children in Decatur, on the same land where they milked all those years. Kenneth Lambert, Jeff's dad, built a single-sided seven barn in the early 60's. They milked there until they sold the cows in 2000.

Jeff's oldest brother & his family moved the Lambert Dairy to Wisconsin! Now, we all know the state is known as the 'Badger State', but their domestic state animal is the dairy cow, and their state beverage is, but what else, milk!! They milked there until the late summer of 2013. So now, it's mine & Jeff's turn at milking. We wanted to carry on the family tradition of milking cows. We started milking in August of 2013, but we had to wait until we had our permit from the state of Texas' Health Dept to start selling our milk to the public, which was in October of 2013.

I, on the other hand, haven't been in the barn for quite that long. I started working for a family, in the same barn where Jeff & I are now, in 1995.  From then, until the summer of 2006, I milked here. Since then, the barn has sat empty & we decided to remodel the entire barn. It was quite an undertaking, which took us & some family members from both sides of our family to be where we're at today. We added a Dairy Store in October 2014. K-Bar Dairy is permitted by the state of Texas to sell 'Raw for Retail Milk', here on the farm under our Texas Permit #481248.

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