K-Bar Dairy 
                 Selling you Fresh, Raw, All-Natural Grass-Fed Jersey Cow's Milk! 

Products we offer.

We have for sale at the Dairy:

Milk is sold by the Gallon, half gallon or pint. Chocolate Milk is also sold by the half pint or half gallon.

Cream is sold by the pint. Yogurt & Whey is also available. Great tasting (& good for you) Kombucha Tea is sold here from www.buchawucha.com, locally made, from a family in nearby Decatur. We also have milk kefir, by the pint. Farm fresh chicken and duck eggs are available for sale, that are delivered from neighbors & friends, from here in the surrounding area. Please bring any clean, empty egg cartons you may have.

The pigs and beef are all raised here on the dairy. They are all grass-fed/grass-finished. We take them to Hess Meat Market in Muenster, Texas to be processed, and bring them back here to sell to you & your family, out of the freezer. We also have all-natural, great tasting, Windy Meadows Chicken, from Campbell, Texas, available for sale. All of our meat is sold by weight.

Also in stock, we have pork roasts, cutlets, pork chops, whole bone-in ham, breakfast sausage (mild sage & hot) ground pork, Fresh or Smoked Bacon, ribs too.

Beef is cut into ground beef, roasts, organ meats, cutlets, summer sausage, brisket, patties. NY strip steaks as well as bacon-wrapped filet and rib eye steaks available too.

Chicken is sold by the whole fryer, cut up fryers, leg quarters, chicken sausage (country, Italian & ground),  boneless breasts. We now have feet, broth & carcass.



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